Building Value on Social Media

Your social media audience isn’t going to just follow you because you showed up. You need to provide value over and over until they are convinced, then they will engage your content.

This is Marketing podcast, Ep. 2

Slow growth, a lot time,  patience and constant management isn’t the most convincing pitch for a business to get on social media. Unfortunately, that is the reality and nature of social media. Success doesn’t happen over night for small brands, it happens over months, even years.

To jump start your social media growth, you need to provide value over and over. Content that is relevant and holds value for your audience creates an opening and opportunity for sharing and engagement. Think about your own engagement online. What gets you to the point where you like, comment, share or purchase online? There is some value behind that content. Once you start to put content out onto channels, you will see this type of engagement. Even this, takes time.

Before you create you next post, really think about it. Think about what your customers may want to hear that is new and exciting about your business. Put together some media surrounding that; an image, short video, whatever it is, then post that out there. See what response you get, and if any of it is a comment, reply and engage the user. This is how you build your audience and provide value at the same time. One post may mean one comment at a time, but after 500 posts, think of the interactions and content you will have left behind. There is value there, and your audience will discover that as they discover you online.