Advertising Your Business, Product Marketing vs. Service Marketing – Daily Marketing Tip Week #3

How to Brand Your Business – Daily Marketing Tip #9

Branding – the umbrella of your brand. To me branding is marketing, marketing is branding. You’re marketing your brand to an audience that is most likely to engage with what it is your brand offers. Your brand can offer products and services, and those can even have micro brands to them, but your main brand has to be treated differently.

Advertising Your Business – Daily Marketing Tip #10

Advertising is the promotion of individual services and products. Similar to branding we are still targeting out brand audience when we advertise for our business, but we are identifying segments that will purchase from us.

Product Marketing – Daily Marketing Tip #11

If you are a company that sells physical things. Even if it’s a digital product, you need to market your products different than you would a service. Products are easier to sell to consumers because they want what you have to offer. If you can produce content and a funnel that makes sense, they will purchase.

Service Marketing – Daily Marketing Tip #12

Service marketing is going to be slightly different than product marketing. As people search for your service, you want to be found. Business listings on Facebook and Google will drastically improve your visibility to potential consumers. Facebook is ideal for service companies because you can show your service in action. Share testimonies and how-to videos that apply to the service you offer.

Goals vs. Conversions – Daily Marketing Tip #13

Conversions and goals. What’s the difference? Today’s tip is how to define the difference between goal’s and conversations. I like to define goals as hard sells. When someone purchases from us. It’s the end point for our funnel. A subscription. A download. Conversations are soft points along the way. Clicking to a webpage, reading a blog. A conversion may even be a starting point for a marketing program.