All About Social Media Marketing – Daily Marketing Tips Week #4

Building Your Social Media Audience – Daily Marketing Tip #14

Building your social media audience takes time, good content and patience. Sure, you can buy your audience, throw a lot of money at increasing the number of likes that you have, but the most important factor of that audience is engagement. What is the percent of that audience that reacts to your posts, engages with you and ultimately converts. Today’s tip talks about building your audiences the right way.

Choosing the Right Social Platform – Daily Marketing Tip #15

Not all social media channels are a perfect match for all businesses. It’s about how you execute your content strategy, and how your audience engages with you.

Building Your Social Media Team – Pt. 1 – Daily Marketing Tip #16

Building a social media team means choosing the right type of people to create and manage content for your platforms. The trick is to find people that are already comfortable in those spaces and for me, finding someone that can produce a video on a mobile device.

Building Your Social Media Team – Pt. 2 – Daily Marketing Tip #17

In addition to finding the right person that can produce video for your social media platforms, just as important is finding a good editor and writer. As we continue the social media team building today, I talk about finding a good writer, and why it’s so important for the success of your strategy.

How to Know When to Use a Social Media Influencer – Daily Marketing Tip #18

One content strategy for social media platforms is to tap into social media influencers. These are users on social platforms that have a lot of follower, but as I discuss, I caution that more followers doesn’t always mean more engagement.