All About Media Buying – Daily Marketing Tips Week #5

Buying Social Media Ads – Daily Marketing Tip #23

Social media ad buying is the last piece to your advertising and media buying strategy. How does it accompany all the other marketing purchases you are making, and how are your driving conversions?

Buying TV and Cable Ads – Daily Marketing Tip #22

If your audience is the 30 and above range, TV and Cable is a perfect spot to place advertising. Even in the age of Hulu, Netflix and DVR – commercials are seen by millions. Those that want to watch a live event, or catch their favorite episode of Walking Dead, will do so in real-time. This episode discussed some thoughts and ideas when buying TV media.

Buying Outdoor Media – Daily Marketing Tip #21

Outdoor media, although traditional – and not my favorite, can really help to lift your brand. However, you don’t have to break the marketing budget bank to find good deals when buying billboards. In this daily tip, I explain how you can negotiate lower rates and improve rotations and ultimately, your marketing strategy.

Buying Print Publication Media – Daily Marketing Tip #20

Buying print media is about a lot more than just distribution numbers. Knowing the right questions to ask the sales rep will mean higher ROI once you pull the trigger. Don’t be fooled by impression data or sales estimates. Ask about audiences and content to find your niche publication.

Media Buying for Your Business – Daily Marketing Tip #19

Media buying can be as easy or as complicated as your want. The biggest question I always get is how do I know where to buy media? Ask yourself the following questions, and the answer becomes more clear: Who is my audience? Where is the placement? What is the purpose?