Bad Emails #1

I love marketing, but I hate bad marketing emails. In the This is Marketing podcast, I constantly talk about being authentic with your content. This means personalizing each communication with someone. I hate getting marketing emails that are copy and pasted from some high open rate tested email. So I’m calling bullshit. Here is the first installment of Bad Emails. If you are reading this, and you send canned emails, and I get one, you will end up here, and that’s not a good thing!

The It’s a Good Fit Email

I get it, you are trying to sell to me, but requesting a meeting to discuss what you think is a good fit for me is something I have no interest in.

Bad Emails

The You Don’t Know Me Email

You’re right, I don’t know you, and I don’t think that you going onto trying to spare us the misery of your cold calling makes me want to do business with you. All kidding aside, I’m not interested in getting coffee to help you determine which half of the bad marketing side I’m on.

Bad Emails

The I Forgot to Spell Check Email

Seriously, almost every application underlines misspellings. How did this guy manage to fit in so many grammar and spelling errors. By no means am I a spelling expert, but don’t tell me how good you are when your email is terrible. It really is too good to be true.

Bad Emails

The I Can’t Take a Note Email

After 6 failed attempts to contact me, countless messages – you are still emailing me? Why? Just stop, I’m not interested. I hope you don’t try this with dating.

Bad Emails