Redesigning Your Business Website – Daily Marketing Podcast Week #7

Redesigning Your Business Website – How Much Should it Cost – DMT#38
The number one question I get from businesses that are redesigning their website is how much should it cost. It’s not a one size fits all process, which means neither is the cost to redesign. In today’s This is Marketing Daily tip, I talk about coat variations depending on what type of site you have, and how to plan for it ahead of time.

Redesigning Your Business Website – The Launch – DMT#37
When you redesign your website, everything leads up to the website launch. Execution of the site launch is just as important as the months that led up to it. In today’s This is Marketing daily tip, I talk about considerations for the launch of your website and how to maximize your publicity.

Redesigning Your Business Website – Designing for the Customer – DMT#36
A lot of the data we look at during a website redesign surrounds our own content and pages, but a redesign project is the perfect time to analyze that data about your customers. What are they coming to your website to do, and how many steps does it take for them to accomplish that? In today’s This is Marketing Daily Tip, I discuss how to design for the customer.

Redesigning Your Business Website – Analytics for Content Strategy – DMT#35
When it comes to redesigning your business website, there is no better source of data to utilize than from your analytics data. In today’s This is Marketing daily tip, I talk about what to look for in your analytics when it comes to your existing website, or how you can set up your new website to start collecting data immediately.

Redesigning Your Business Website – Platforms – DMT#34
If you were a business that came online in the late 90’s or early 2000, you either have or should be redesigning your website for this decade. There are a lot of benefits to rethinking your website design, including more traffic, higher engagement and customer conversions. In today’s daily tip, and all this week, I will be talking about redesigning your business website.