Social Media Marketing Podcasts – Week #7

Social Media Marketing – How to Deal with Negative Feedback – DMT#33
Negative feedback happens, but how you deal with it can turn a negative into a positive. In today’s Daily Marketing Tip from This is Marketing, I talk about when to respond, and when to delete. Doing this right, can lead to a positive resolution, and complete customer satisfaction.

Social Media Strategy – The Cadence of Content – DMT#32
Creating content takes a lot more time than just construction a tweet, or talking about the weather. In today’s Daily Marketing Tip from This is Marketing, I talk about why it is important to create a content strategy and think about the ROI, the audience and the actual function of posting. There is a cadence in creating good content, and once you find it, it’s easier and easier to keep up with it.

Social Media Strategy – Gaining Followers – DMT#31
How can you build your social media audience the right way? In today’s Daily Marketing Tip from This is Marketing, I talk about how the gimmicks of gaining thousands of subscribers over night are just that – gimmicks. Slow building an audience that is genuinely interested in your content will lead to more interaction and conversions. Think about he long play, not the short satisfaction.

Social Media Strategy – Dark Social – DMT#30
Dark social media isn’t a reference to Star Wars, it’s a reference to communication and marketing that happens on the private channels of social media. The original dark social digital format was email, but now it’s used every day by apps like Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter and on and on.

Social Media Strategy – Snapchat Analytics – Daily Marketing Tip #29
Snapchat is a great platform to engage your audience on a daily basis. Knowing the how the platform works is one thing, but understanding the data and analytics behind it, and how to implement those numbers back into your Snapchat strategy is another. In today’s This is Marketing Daily Tip, I talk about how you can engage your audience more, build a daily strategy and use geofilter’s to expand your brands footprint.