The Best Apps for Marketers – Daily Marketing Tips Week #8

Best Marketing Apps for Marketers – Google Suite – DMT#43
If you are in marketing, you have to be touching a Google product. AdWords, AdSense, Analytics, Data Studio or even webmaster told, something. The good news is Google is keeping up with their desktop platform updates by also updating their mobile apps. In today’s daily tip, I talk about the best marketing apps for Marketers and the Google suite.

Best Organization Apps for Marketers – Evernote and – DMT#42
Staying organized in our day-to-day madness as marketers isn’t always easy. The good news is that we are usually in-tune with the latest and greatest apps within all types of organizations. Two apps that are imperative to my organizational skills and staying on task are Evernote and In today’s This is Marketing Daily Tip, I discuss both and why you should try them out.

Best Video Apps for Marketers – WeVideo and InShot – DMT#41
I never would have thought we would be editing videos right from our mobile devices, but once again, the Internet proved me wrong. In today’s daily tip from This is Marketing, I talk about my two favorite video editing apps, WeVideo and InShot. Both apps are easy to use and produce video edits for social media and YouTube.

The Best Apps for Marketers – Hashme – DMT#40
If you hate adding #hashtags to social media as much as I do, then Hashme is the perfect marketing app for your device. In this week’s Best Apps for Marketers on the This is Marketing Daily to post I talk about how this app is built to easily scan for relevant terms related to a keyword, Hashme saves time and produces relevant audience engagement. Hashme also has an amazing photo scanning software to it.

The Best Apps for Marketers – Buffer – DMT#39
All this week on the Daily Tip from This is Marketing, we will be talking about the best apps for marketers. To kick off the week, I’ll be talking about one of my favorite social media posting apps – Buffer. Buffer allows you to post to social media platforms, even at their free service level. Buffer makes it easy for marketers to schedule, edit, add images and gifs, plus review some analytics about all your social media posting in one