How to Brand Yourself on Instagram

Are your social media posts kick-ass for your personal accounts? Do you have high engagement with your followers because of it? Then you can create a brand out of your personal account. Instagram is a platform that is constantly increasing as a place for affiliate marketing to occur.

Think of your favorite brands to purchase. How you use these products is great content for those brands to put money behind. As a parent and homeowner, I constantly review products and upload those videos to YouTube. Go look at my page, look at the views. I have received payments from both Google and Amazon because of the views I have on these products. You can too, but you can also get paid by the companies to review in the first place.

How to begin? First, get on a Instagram. Follow some people and topics you are interested in. Pay attention to their followers, comments, and posts. What are they doing that in creating the perfect Instagram brand? Then, create content and build your audience organically. What’s that mean? It means slow growth leads to better audiences. Even individuals that go viral on social media don’t always yield the highest engagement rates. Once you start to build your audience, you can start to reach out to companies that you are interested in to gauge their advertising interest in you. I’d recommend having at least 1500+ followers with over 500+ likes per post. Remember, it’s about engagement, not followers.

What to charge? No need in reinventing the wheel on this one, here is a great article about How Much to Charge for an Instagram Post. This is straight forward stuff.

Last piece of advice. Be you in all your posts. On my This is Marketing Podcast, I’m me, 100%. I’m not trying to be something I’m not, and I don’t try to talk about topics I know nothing about. I know marketing, so that’s what I talk about. Be authentic, it’s what audiences want out of their subscriptions to people. Do this, and you will win.