Augmented Reality Marketing

Augmented Reality may be the visual media boom for 2018.  For marketers, the question becomes how can we utilize augmented reality to reach potential customers? A better question is how can we do so in a non-intrusive way? The answer is simple: by creating branded content that users want to engage with in that space.

One of my favorite examples of Augmented Reality marketing is done by 19 Crimes wine with their interactive wine labels. You simple download the AR wine app, and then hold it up to the bottle and it comes to life. If you’ve never had 19 wines, each label features a criminal that has a story to tell. The app brings the label to life, and they tell their story.

It’s creative, and those that drink this wine now have a unique way to engage with this brand. I saw this for the first time at a party, if you don’t think the guests weren’t wowed by this, you are wrong. Not only that, but I know that most of them went and bought their own bottles for their next get-together.  Think of your own brand. What story do you have to tell? How can you do so with AR as an option? Content is still king – but now the delivery method is changing. Keep up, or miss out on potential brand opportunities.

To get my full take on this, listen to my Augmented Reality Marketing Podcast.