This is Marketing Podcast Stats: April 2016

After one month of the This is Marketing podcast, here are the stats:

Episode 1  – Email Marketing / 126 listens
Episode 2 – Building a Social Media Team / 105 listens
Episode 3 – Marketing Analytics for Your Business / 76 listens
Episode 4 – Redesigning Your Website / 92 listens
Episode 5 – Social Media Listening / 38 listens

Total Monthly Listens: 437

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Social Media Listening

This is Marketing with Ross Morrone

Are you listening to your audience on social media, like really listening? Social media listening is when you monitor conversations that are taking place about your brand, an individual, a product, or anything relevant to your business online. It allows you to jump into conversations and provide expert feedback. In this podcast, I discuss how to take the lead with your social media, and I also discuss Sprout Social, and how this tool can help you improve the social media listening part of your business.

Redesigning Your Website

This is Marketing with Ross Morrone

Redesigning your website is a huge undertaking, and now more than ever, it takes a solid strategy to be successful. In this podcast, I talk about knowing the right questions to ask going into a website redesign, building for you audience first, how to get buy-in from your owner, boss or board, how much a redesign may cost, and why hosting your website yourself is the best option.

Ninja Professional Blender with Single Serve Model BL660

My wife is working hard at her product review YouTube channel. Here she reviews the Ninja Professional Blender model Bl660. She really likes the to-go 16 oz. cups that come with this model, but she doesn’t like how hard this big blender is to move once it gets stuck to the counter. This blender would be great for blending baby foods and smoothies for your little ones!

Product description:
The Ninja® Professional Blender with Single Serve gives you professional blending performance in both full size pitcher and Nutri Ninja® cups!

The Ninja® Professional Blender with Single Serve is a professional, high-powered innovative tool with a sleek design and outstanding performance. The Ninja® Total Crushing™ blades break down the toughest ingredients such as ice, whole fruits, and vegetables in seconds! Create resort-style frozen drinks for the entire family with the XL 72 oz. pitcher or create healthy, personalized drinks for on the go with the Nutri Ninja® cups.

With the Ninja® Professional Blender with Single Serve you’ll enjoy:
1100 Watts of power
72 oz. XL Pitcher with Blade and Lid
(2) 16 oz. Nutri Ninja® Cups
(2) Single Serve To-Go Lids
Single Serve Blade Assembly

Building Value on Social Media

Building Value with Social Media

Your social media audience isn’t going to just follow you because you showed up. You need to provide value over and over until they are convinced, then they will engage your content.

This is Marketing podcast, Ep. 2

Slow growth, a lot time,  patience and constant management isn’t the most convincing pitch for a business to get on social media. Unfortunately, that is the reality and nature of social media. Success doesn’t happen over night for small brands, it happens over months, even years.

To jump start your social media growth, you need to provide value over and over. Content that is relevant and holds value for your audience creates an opening and opportunity for sharing and engagement. Think about your own engagement online. What gets you to the point where you like, comment, share or purchase online? There is some value behind that content. Once you start to put content out onto channels, you will see this type of engagement. Even this, takes time.

Before you create you next post, really think about it. Think about what your customers may want to hear that is new and exciting about your business. Put together some media surrounding that; an image, short video, whatever it is, then post that out there. See what response you get, and if any of it is a comment, reply and engage the user. This is how you build your audience and provide value at the same time. One post may mean one comment at a time, but after 500 posts, think of the interactions and content you will have left behind. There is value there, and your audience will discover that as they discover you online.

Ideas for Snapchat Content

Snapchat for Business

Snapchat is gaining speed in the social media world, and not just by users. Brands are jumping on board with Snapchat and doing a hell of a good job with producing valuable, engaging content to their followers. I have a few brands that I think are killing it right now, and you should be one of them. I’ve put together a few ideas that I think your business can execute to create more interaction on Snapchat.

Employee Takeovers

Takeovers are a great way to show off your employees, customer service and what makes your business work. Weekly takeovers by an employee can help introduce individuals that make your business successful. Encourage them to show off their work space, discuss new projects or products, secrets to their success or anything that is personal and interesting about what they do for your business. This creates a human environment to your business and consumers love real, authentic people. By the way, this can also be departments!

Client / Meeting Prep

You don’t have to give away all your secrets on social media, but if you show the work that goes into expanding and growing your business, it lets your followers know how hard you work and pay attention to new relationships. Again, this creates a human element to your business, but it is also your time to brag about the hustle you put in.

After Work

If you allow takeovers to occur, encourage your team to show what they do for fun after work. I can’t stress enough, people want to create bonds with other people, even strangers. Showing that your team has a normal life outside of work builds trust, appreciation and encourages conversation. Just think of the interactions you can create with followers commenting on what is fun to do around where your business is geographically located.

Create Filters, lots of Filters

Snapchat allows you to submit filters that are both event orientated and specific to your geographic location. You have to pay (per sq ft) for event filters, but we are talking dollars, and you can have geofilters cover a lot of ground for free. Think of conferences, events in-house, social hours, client meetings, etc. There are no limits to putting your brand or product marketing out there to the masses!

Plan, plan, plan.

In my podcasts, I preach planning over and over again because it helps you stay engaged and on task for months. It’s so easy to lose interest and stop your social media efforts, but they take a lot of time and energy to get right, and once they get going, the sharing and community you can build is extremely valuable to your company. In my latest podcast, I discuss Building a Social Media Team for business.

Building a Social Media Team

This is Marketing with Ross Morrone

Social media isn’t about just showing up, it’s about time and strategy. In this podcast, I talk about Building a Social Media team for your business. How to put together a team that can build social media content. How to engage, grow and convert your audience. Plus, using analytics and data to improve your overall strategy.