Conversion Funnel Marketing

This is Marketing Podcast

Conversion funnel marketing is understanding the purchasing process for your users from start to finish. How does the funnel look from your first point of contact to the thank you page after they purchase? In this podcast, I talk about how you should start to think about your conversion funnel, and how marketing plays an important role beyond ads. Get a hold on how users use your site, and how building it out with them at the center will increase your sales.

Marketing App of the Month: Slack

This is Marketing Podcast

I decided to start a new monthly segment of the this is marketing podcast where I give my favorite app of the month. For this month, I chose Slack. A lot of you might have heard of it and never used it (that would be me a month ago) and some of you might have been using it for years. I wanted to take this opportunity to discuss how we use it in my office, and the great benefits of it, including saving time, organizing project, maybe an official project management tool, and much more. Check out Slack at, and make sure you download it on your mobile devices as well!

How to Market Seasonal Sales

This is Marketing Podcast

For some of my listeners, sales don’t happen all year. Some sales occur around holiday seasons, or even just seasons (fall, winter, spring, summer). In this podcast, I talk about using digital marketing programs and some marketing strategy to build a comprehensive brand, marketing and advertising campaign around your business. This will ensure that when your customers are ready to purchase from you, they have working knowledge of your brand because of your marketing. I dive into some of favorite programs such as Adroll, Google Adwords and Facebook to build these sales funnels, and explain why they each have their own place.

How to Sell Products Online

This is Marketing Podcast

Building a website is one thing, building a website that sells your product successfully is another. I’ve designed my share of both and in this podcast I talk about the design side of selling products, and the business side of selling products online. If you are just starting out as a business, this podcast will give you some valuable insight as to why it’s important to have a game plan beyond a homepage and a products page. If you are a designer, I give some real world examples of pain points I have had with businesses designing and how to deal with them. It’s all important, and it’s all part of this episode of the This is Marketing podcast.

How to Conference

This is Marketing Podcast

We’ve all been to conferences, but have you gone to a conference and actually walked away with the most value that you believe that you could have? I have, and in this podcast, I give some tips that I think will make the next conference you attend the most valuable one that you have ever been at. It’s not rocket science, it’s just being yourself and bring a good person, plus some other stuff.

Listen to the Nice Guys on Business Podcast This Week to Hear Me!

This is Marketing Podcast

I had the opportunity to guest on the Nice Guys on Business Podcast and today I am asking you to go subscribe to them to hear me. Not because it was a good interview, but because it was a great interview. 80,000 listeners can’t be wrong, and at that level, it makes the Nice Guys a legit podcast. I want to thank Doug for having me on, but I also think that as you look through their 400 some catalog, you will see names like Jay Baer and Gary Vee – you know the names! So stop listening here, and go listen there this week.

How to Market Yourself on Instagram

This is Marketing Podcast

I’m backing Instagram as one of those platforms that is going to have longevity to it because of their ability to adapt to the wants of users on other social media platforms. They took all the good from Twitter, Snapchat and even Facebook – their parent company – and turned it into one platform that really does it all. In this podcast, I play the role of a personal brand (including a personal fashion brand) and the steps I would take to market myself on Instagram. How to get started, content ideas and why engagement is important. I think it’s a great platform for personal branding, but it takes a lot of hard work and planning. Listen up, and get started building your personal brand!

Six Words That Changed Everything

When it came to setting the wheels in motion to redesign our website it only took six words. Those six words didn’t just impact the next two years of my professional career, they changed everything about our marketing and brand strategy at Youngstown State University. At the eduWeb conference in Boston this year, I’ll talk about those six words. I’ll talk about how to successfully redesign a website from scratch, and use what you learn during that process to change your brand, and think rethink everything you thought you knew about your audiences. Six simple words.

Tuesday – 2:15-3 pm

Web/Mobile Design & Strategy Track:  A Behind-the-Scenes Look at a Real-World Redesign
Ross Morrone, Director of Marketing – Youngstown State University
Jennie Salamoun, User Experience Architect – NewCity
America South Ballroom, 4th Floor 

How to Market to Millennials

This is Marketing Podcast

What the hell is a millennial anyway? Well, it’s a generation of people defined by their birth year that spans over 30 years. If you are asking me, I’m going to tell you, don’t waste your time marketing to generations. We build branding, marketing and advertising campaigns around the idea of personas that are unique to our customers, not what year they were born. In this episode, I discuss how to break free of that marketing millennial mindset, and market to people that want to buy your product.

How Your Business Can Avoid Social Media Exhaust

This is Marketing Podcast

The hardest thing about social media for a business is keeping up. Having a strategy that keeps up with the demands of your social media audience, and the platform itself, can be tiring on your creative team. In this podcast, I discuss some ideas behind social media channels, including Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, that can help you keep up with the demand of posting. Also I give insight as to how to decide when to walk away from a channel to focus on another.